About Ground Grab

Ground Grab is an experimental blog, a project that has been in mind / on the repeat NY resolution list for some time.

I’m a Hull City fan; not lifelong, but caught the bug in the 04-05 League 1 promotion season, during which I attended my first away day – a 3-0 defeat at the back end of the season to Walsall (Julian Joachim netted a hat-trick).

The first 4 years of my Hull supporting life were spent living in the Midlands, a great base for away day travel by rail. Since then I have visited numerous grounds, attending not only Hull games, but non-league and countless as a neutral.

I’m not claiming to be a serial ground bagger, I am clearly some way off ‘doing the 92’! I find away days fascinating; not only do they quench my underlying thirst for football, but it prompts travel to many parts of the country you wouldn’t normally visit. The comradeship can be second to none, and over the years I have visited some great pubs, had some quality chats over a pint, and seen a fair few hidden gems across the country.

This blog is experimental; it scratches my itch to write about my experiences, and hopefully over time will be both football and travel orientated.

This is done purely for fun, therefore I hope you enjoy reading!




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