Welcome to Ground Grab

Obigatory first post……

Welcome to Ground Grab, my new experimental blog charting my travels with Hull City AFC.

Creating a blog has been an ambition of mine for some time. I love football. Away days with Hull are one of my biggest enjoyments in life. Over the years I’ve had some great experiences (and a fair few not so great ones….) ‘on the rails’.

England is massively underrated; travelling away forces football fans to travel to areas of the country where they may not have been before (or may never even have reason to visit otherwise). My posts will obviously be football orientated, but with a travel spin.

My aim of sharing these trips in the future, as well being a memory jog for myself, is purely for fun. I enjoy writing. I enjoy travelling. I enjoy football. If you enjoy my writing, fantastic. Please share on Twitter and Facebook if that is the case.

Please also explore the links to some of my favourite sites and places to visit before the match (hands held up – couple of shameless plugs in there too!).

Next post will be after my visit to the Emirates for Arsenal vs Hull in a couple of weeks.



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